A Roof Top View of St Ives

You cannot help but fall in love with the quirky nature of the buildings that make up the landscape of St Ives. Today I thought I would capture these in snaps from the top of St Ives… looking down to see how nature and buildings work together to create quite a unique place. A place that gives inspiration from every angle!

A seagulls chimney top view of St Ives

Above, A seagull’s chimney top view of St Ives and below the view from the leisure centre car park… where so many visitors park in the peak of summer. What a wonderful view to be greeted by before their walk down through the maze of cobbled streets and walkways.

St Ives Houses and Roof Tops

St Ives Roof Tops out to the Island

Above is an example of one of my favourite contrasts in colour – the yellow of the moss on the roofs against the blue of the sea. How fabulous!

St Ives Roof tops and doors

St Ives Landscape

Looking down to the harbour – nature frames the view so perfectly.

St Ives Harbour Framed by Nature

And again… the trees working in harmony to soften the landscape.

St Ives Roof Tops and Chimney Framed by Nature

St Ives or San Francisco?

St Ives or San Francisco

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