A Visit To The Real Poldark

Well Poldark has been quite the success. Definitely had me glued to the television screen on a Sunday night!

So much of the west coast of Cornwall has featured in this remake of Poldark, however it was Wheal Leisure that we wanted to track down in our pursuit to find the real Poldark.

After a little google session we found it… Botallack Mine, home of Wheal Leisure – the Poldark family mine:

“The perilously perched Botallack Mine near St Just doubles up as Wheal Leisure, the family mine Poldark tries to resurrect to bring prosperity back to the local area, andLevant Mine plays the role of Tressiders Rolling Mill, where copper extracted from the mine is processed. Both mines are part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site.”

[National Trust, http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/article-1355886329391/]

Just a fraction away from Cape Cornwall, we have driven past this little village so often and not investigated… time to change that.

Botallack National Trust Sign

From the National Trust car park there is a walk down to the main engine houses. I loved the rawness of this mine works – it feels as if it was just left for nature to reclaim.

Botallack Mining Works

Botallack Chimney Ruin

Botallack Gorse Rocks

Botallack Ruin Window

Botallack Steel Slope

Botallack Chimney Danger

Botallack Sky Window


Botallack Steel Gorse

Botallack Window Sea

Just as a reminder that Poldark was ere! Someone kindly left a reminder

Botallack Poldark Graffiti

In between the rough remains of the mine works was an abundance of wildlife, including the cutest bunnies

Botallack Dreamy Bunny

Botallack Bunny Grass

Botallack Hiding Bunny

and wildflowers…

Botallack Pink Flowers

Botallack White Flowers

Botallack Pink Flowers

Botallack Pink Flowers Bee

Botallack Pink Flowers Row

Botallack Pink Flowers

Wheal Leisure (“The Real Poldark”) – Crown Engine House – Botallack Mine

The Real Poldark Botallack

Botallack Mine Rock

Botallack Mine Silhouette

Botallack Cliff Mines

Botallack Cliff Mines Close Up

Inside the Engine House

Botallack Mine Through Window

Crown Engine House

Views from the engine house

Botallack Mine Chimney

Botallack Three Mines Distance

Botallack Giant Green Rocks

We really wanted to walk further around, however the foot path was really rather perilous and we didn’t have our rock climbing gear to hand!

Botallack Mine Wall Sea

Botallack Crashing Waves

More about Botallack National Trust and it’s World Heritage status by UNESCO:

“In 2006 Botallack was given World Heritage Site status by UNESCO, joining 900 places around the world with this designation. This testifies to the importance of the mining landscape, its historic features and the technological developments and scientific research which took place here. The Cornish had a huge influence on the development of mining throughout the world. Between 1815 and 1915 over 250,000 people left to work in other mining areas, and its estimated that there are 6 million people of Cornish descent globally.”

[National Trust http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/article-1356403825884/]

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