Easter Evening Sessions at Godrevy

What an amazing Easter we have had down in this part of Cornwall. It really has been spectacular… busy? Oh boy yes! But that’s a great thing!

This evening we set off over to Godrevy as the crowds appeared to have parted a little and so we chanced getting a space in the little National Trust car park by Godrevy cafe. We arrived to a beautiful evening’s warm breeze and guys and girls sat in the back of their vans chilling after a surf or getting ready to go out!

What a treat we had in store… magical glistening sea with colours of white, aqua, platinum, golden and silver. Just gorgeous!

Godrevy Surf Triangle

Godrevy Surfers View

Godrevy Pebbly Shore

A little further down the beach were two greyhounds making the most of the vast beach – A perfect playground for a dog chase.

Godrevy Shoreline Dog

Godrevy Dog Chase

And of course a sweet evening for getting out in the surf…

Godrevy Surf Run

Godrevy Surf Chat

Godrevy Surf Spray

Godrevy Surf Peak

A moment for contemplation!

Godrevy Contemplation

As the evening progressed the sea turned from aqua to gold, silver and platinum – all rolled into one…

Godrevy Paddling Out

Godrevy Platinum Waves

Godrevy Swimming Horizon

Godrevy Swimming Out

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