Sunset at Godrevy Lighthouse

Another beautiful warm evening over at Godrevy Lighthouse. With a low tide we sat on the beach amongst the rocks on Godrevy beach and to our delight a pod of Dolphins came to enjoy the Sunset with us!

Dolphins Sunset

Magnificent Godrevy Lighthouse

Godrevy Lighthouse Pastel Sunset

Godrevy Lighthouse Sunset Splash

The sky became fire!

Sunset Fire Sky Rocks

Sunset Fire Sky

It wasn’t just the dolphins that came to enjoy the evening… a dove cloud came too!

Lighthouse Silhouette Dove Sunset

Dove Godrevy Sunset

Godrevy Lighthouse White Dove Cloud


Going down…

Sunset Rocks

Sunset at Godrevy

Sunset Falling into the Sea

Sunset Wave Peaks

A final farewell to the fire sky lighting up our coast…

Sunset Godrevy Thrift

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