Welcome to Beachmuser
Coastal Photography by Jodie Alaine Parker
Beach Dweller. Coffee Geek. Explorer. Smiler
This is how I would describe myself… I’m a little bit geek and a whole lot creative. Love nothing more than sipping a flat white (my coffee drink of choice) and sitting on the beach snapping a picture or two.
When I’m not on the beach or walking along the coast, then I can be found in my studio crafting away at my latest snaps and digital projects.
My love of photography comes from a fascination with colour, particularly the colours of the coast which change so dramatically from one moment to the next. Each day is an ever unfolding story and catching that moment is a continual joy. Based in Cornwall I am never too far away from the coast – my perfect canvas!
I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy taking them.
With Smiles… Jodie x